Doomed From Birth


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recorded by CG and ourselves.
mixed and mastered by Douglas Wentzel
art by Staffan Tengnér


released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved


MEDEA Sweden


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Track Name: Spellbound By The Wicked
born into it, an empty shell, follow the path, all else is hell
molded in a fucking form, a endless cycle, a crown of thorns,
the idea of perfection
you think you cracked the code, you have it all worked out
at the end of the day nothing will save you
life will swallow you whole, at the end of the day, nothing will save you
spellbound by the wicked, all you know will fail
the beginning of the end, history will repeat itself
born in to it, an empty shell, devious smoke will pull you into the flame
Track Name: Doomed From Birth
toiling in the swells, our hell is boiling, everyday's the same
never witnessed, the unseen, a promise of what could never be
eternity is marked one day at the time, death shadows suburban life
a twisted tree stretching back to earth, rotten soil, doomed from birth
poor souls, obey the laws, held captive in the cruelsome claws
time to bite back, bleed the bastard dry
sweat it out, let it die, burn the fucking fields
Track Name: Dagger Of Discipline
mystic forces raise the dead, open the gates and lead the way
re-animated minds will reign again
the insanity's real and it's alive, living with deceit
thought patterns taken from the grave
struck by the dagger of discipline, that strikes us all
in the mind of the innocent, with their backs against the wall
alone across the darkness, consciousness reduced
so the mind lies desolate, and the shadows are set loose
this is the reason I hate them all
Track Name: Breeding Hatred
fuck it, not meant for this world, destined to nothing at all
hard hits and caved in skulls, patience's running so fucking low
deep down in the shadows, hell is closing in
the fires all burned to smoke, once warm places left so cold
iced up from the inside out
the cold grip of the reaper, I return my soul
nowhere to turn, no time for doubt, for what use are we
breeding hatred, thinking cheap,
not a part of your pack