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Sekator This band will be BIG. They have to be. The best hyper thrash I've heard in years, full of homage to the past, but sounding very modern and heavy to the max.

Do not listen to this if you have any sort of existing neck condition, as uncontrollable headbanging is virtually guaranteed.

If you don't have their previous demo Doomed From Birth then get it now. It is already a minor classic for those in the know. Favorite track: Eye Of Evil.
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Vocals - Per Eklund
Guitar - Douglas Wentzel
Lead Guitar - Staffan Tengnér
Drums - Henrik Wahlberg

Recorded and Mixed by Douglas Wentzel spring 2015
Artwork by Gabriel Siveri from The Hammer


released June 4, 2015



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MEDEA Sweden


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Track Name: Eye Of Evil
the investment of time in this life
on having to apologize for shit you can't even deny.
I'm a piece of shit, a filthy fuck with a mind full of sins.
don't expect you to understand,
don't want you to hold my hand.

jog on, you fucking rat.
enough of people holding me back
I'm over the moon with hate, fed up with people trying to relate

try to mend what is broken is no fucking idea
no class, pure fucking trash, burning up, burning out,
this story should've never been written, rip it out.

I looked in the eye of evil,
saw myself staring back at me.
gritted teeth and seething anger
twisted minds filled with fear.
Track Name: Locked Up
trapped inside your mind,
I've been locked up for some time.
still no answers, no reasons why.

the longer you stare, the less you see.
try to listen, unable to hear.

this world is a mess
bashing your fucking head
this world's a fucking mess

rough edges, sharp teeth, humanity was never
meant to believe.
pull out the knife, wounds will always bleed.

stumble over your own two feet, the road will
never lead to where you're supposed to be.